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Bag underneath eye

Posted by slawrens

I had cataract surgery which became infected.  I was given an injection in the lower lid at which time it created a bag underneath my eye.  I was told it would go away in 3 months but it has been almost a year and is still there.  Could the needle have hit something in my lid to cause this.  It looks like a have a black eye.  My other eye does not have a bag at all which makes the bad eye standout even more.

What can I do to make this go away without plastic surgery.

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These are completely natural remedies to remove under eye bags i hope it helps you.

Step 1

Apply a cold compress to eyes for several minutes, a few times a day. You can use a cold washcloth for this purpose, or a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel. Another option is to apply cold, sliced cucumbers to your eyes, or cold tea bags wrapped in tissues or paper towels. Tea bags contain a natural astringent known as tannin that can reduce puffiness.

Step 2
Use an extra pillow at night to sleep with your head raised. If your under-eye bags are the result of sinus problems, this can allow the sinuses to drain better.

Step 3
Drink lots of water. This will help to flush toxins that could be causing eye puffiness from your body. Being well-hydrated will also help to keep you from retaining water, which can also make bags appear under your eyes.

Step 4
Sleep as much as possible, around seven to eight hours each night. Being tired can make under-eye bags look worse.

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