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Baby Oil vs Vegetable Oils {Skin Care}

Posted Feb 11 2013 1:30pm

I have been using the regular Johnson's baby oil to remove sunscreen from the skin. And, in the meantime, I have been searching for a more natural product to use instead of mineral oil. In this interim, I also came to know that usage of mineral oil daily accelerates the aging process. 

Whether that point is true or not, I can not say. But, I can point out one thing that while I was using baby oil, I was not able to get rid of my blackheads. And, in fact, my blackheads were getting worse day by day. The day I started using the coconut oil, I could see them gone soon enough.
Also, I had been using groundnut oil a year back when it had totally eliminated my blackheads. Also, from the perspective of money, coconut oil seems cheaper at Rs 42 for 200 ml. I am currently using the Patanjali one. Whether it is pure or not is something I can not answer.
But, I do have a question which if you can answer, please do so. When I went to the Kama store couple of months back, I saw that they were selling 100 ml or something at 800 bucks which makes it literally 8 times more than the Patanjali one. 
One would say its the quality difference but is the price difference really justified?? I do not know how to react to such difference in prices. No, this is not the only instance either. Anyways, this post is about baby oil vs vegetable oils. 
And, my experience says that the vegetable oil is anytime better than baby oil. What do you say? 
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