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As obsessed as we are about taki ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm

As obsessed as we are about taking anti-aging measures on our face and neck, we often neglect our hands. In truth, our hands are also an important point to remember in our anti-aging regime, because our work and daily activites do take toll on our hands and make them appear older than they actually are!  In fact, 68% of women claim their hands make them look at least 10 years older! Take a look at your on hands- are they giving your age away?

The skin on the hands are susceptible to the aging process. It’s thin, and there’s little fat under the dermis. So the bones, veins, wrinkles and callouses all show up pretty early in life. It doesn’t help that we use it extensively in our day to day activities. Try not using your hands for an hour, it’s tough. Not using your hands the whole day? Impossible! They are constantly moving and working. They come into contact with everything- office equipment, household items, chemicals, sun exposure… In fact, they may even look older than they actually are due to all the pressure its going through! Unfortunately, too often we concentrate on facial care and neglect our hands in the process.

Your hands are also the most viewed part of your body (after your face). Its hard to hide them, and even if you’ve done a terrific anti-aging job on your face, your hands can still give the game away. Here’s some steps to take to minimise letting the cat out of the bag:


  • Hand Cream
  • Sunscreen with a high SPF
  • Weekly “mini-facials”. The skin on your hand is thinner than the skin on your face! Hand-facials are just as good for nourishment and rejevenation as well!
  • Wear gloves. Especially in the bitter cold winter season. You can wear thin gloves in warm weather as well to protect from the sun, and when you’re driving your car or gardening. Another time to put on your gloves is when you’re dealing with chemicals- detergent, dishwashing, etc…
  • Moisturize!!!!!
  • Ingredients to look for
    • Retinol- increases cell turnover, reduces appearance of fine lines and reduces pigmentation (sun spots)
    • Shea butter- is a rich moisturizer


  • Chemical Peels. Besides rejuvanation, this procedure can also help with decreasing pigmentation.
  • Microdermabrasion
  • IPL (Intense Pulse Light Therapy)
  • Thermage
  • Veins sclerotherapy
  • Injection of fillers
  • Surgery- Fat transplant. This surgery will help ‘plump’ up your hands, making it look younger!

Regardless of your age, start looking after your hands now! Make it part of your skin care routine to pamper your precious hands!

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