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Aromatherapy: Grass Is Relaxing

Posted Aug 31 2009 11:08pm

Mid Brain reports: scent_thumb

Back in the 1960s people smoked grass to relax.  Now you can sniff a fragrance and get the same effect.

Actual aromatherapy?

Cosmetics Design reports on a new fragrance compound based on cut grass that actually has stress reducing properties. According to the article, the technology (known as “Serenascent”) is a specific mixture of hexanals, hexenols and pinenes. The technology is currently incorporated into a room spray that can be used on bed linen or clothing; but according to the scientists behind Serenascent, the formulation can be added to shampoos, fragrances and soaps.

What I found most interesting about this story is the fact that the scent doesn’t just help you to relax by reminding your of a pleasant scent, like the cutting the grass on a warm summer evening. Instead it actually it works on the amygdala,  the brain structure that is responds to fear and anxiety. That’s far beyond what you can say for most aromatherapy products!

The Beauty Brains bottom line

A fragrance that truly provides relaxation benefits would be amazing. I could really use some of this stuff, but with my luck the FDA will classify it as a drug.

What do YOU think? Do you buy aromatherapy products? Do you think they really work? Leave an aromatic comment for the rest of the Beauty Brains community.

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