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All About Retinoids: Considering Retin-A

Posted Sep 08 2008 9:02am

For the past 7 months, I have been using prescription strength Retin-A.

Retin-A, Renova and/or Generic Tretinoin Cream is an emollient and is much less harsh than what I tried as a teenager. I have read that every person over 30 can benefit from using Retin-A. That is unless you are pregnant.

After mentioning using Retin-A in a recent post, Marilyn made the comment:

“I used Retinoids in my 40’s - they are great - but insurance companies are extremely hesitant to cover the prescription products (Retin A comes to mind), which from my experience, give the best results. Stupid insurance companies.”

No kidding! A container of Retin-A can run almost $100 bucks! It will last a long time though. I am still working on the same tube I started 7 months ago, and I have noticed some great improvements while using it consistently. These benefits have been clearer, more even, and firmer skin.

My Dermatologist explained to me that generic Generic Tretinoin Cream is the same as using name brand Renova and is a lot less expensive.

To read more follow this link: All About Retinoids: Considering Retin-A at Mythbuster Beauty.

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