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Alima & Lumene Haul

Posted Jan 06 2008 12:00am

You'd think I was made of money or something, with all these items I now possess, haha. I stopped by CVS today to take advantage of their sale - all CVS products were Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, and Lumene was included. I've been trying Lumene products for about a year or so, more so in the past couple of months.

I picked up more of their Vitamin+ Radiant C Beauty Drops (got another bottle for my BF as he also likes it), and I'm going to try their Radiant Dual Serum and Clarifying Mineral Scrub. The drops contain enough single applications for 4 weeks, using arctic cloudberry seed oil and vitamin C to protect, nourish, and brighten skin. It's slightly harsh, so I don't recommend using it on very sensitive skin (perhaps limit it to every other day), but before you put on your moisturizer, just break one open and apply it to your face and neck. Your skin glows and feels incredibly soft. The Radiant Dual Serum holds a morning serum that uses arctic cloudberry seed oil to vitalize skin and provide extra moisture, while the night serum uses arctic blueberry seed oil to promote skin renewal. The Arctic Touch Clarifying Mineral Scrub contains minerals and jojoba beads to stimulate skin renewal and make your skin smoother and brighter.

In addition to the Pure Luxe and Silk Naturals eyeshadow porn yesterday, I received my samples from Alima today. Even though I think I found a great foundation from the Silk Naturals Kit, I'll test out the Alima samples and write up a review.

(click to enlarge)

The samples were extremely generous - each little container was nearly full of powder, so if you're not too sure of your shade, you're getting your money's worth. However, compared to the Silk Naturals foundation I mixed, I think all the colors are too light for my skin; the closest match looks like it would be Golden 3...but we shall see. If they don't work, I can always give them to my mom to try out - she's got paler skin than I do :) I also ordered their Finishing Powder in Keiko and Hanae (the 2 unlabeled jars in the first pic).

(click to enlarge)

The first 2 pics are eyeshadows, while the the third pic is eyeliner. I just can't seem to help myself when I see so many pretty colors! I used MAC Paint in Sublime Nature as a base:

(click to enlarge)

And with every order, they send you free samples based on the items that you ordered! I got a sample of Beige 3 foundation (swatched above), Dark Plum e/s, and Desert Rose blush.

With all of this new stuff, I'll definitely have to make some time to play with my makeup and come up with colorful looks!

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