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After seeing and hearing about N ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm

RoC Microdermabrasion System

After seeing and hearing about Neutrogena’s newest Skin Rejuvenator and the Clarisonic, I went to the drugstore intending to buy it to test it out. On my way down the aisle, I passed by RoC and happened to see that it too had a similar RoC Microdermabrasion System.  I was intrigued. I had not read any recent reviews on the product, so I asked the sales assistant about it.

She recommended this RoC system over the Neutrogena one. Basically, she said, “the RoC sponge is softer, which is better for the skin. And its the cream that you put on the sponge head that’s doing the work, not the sponge head itself.” That sold me. If the cream which contains microcrystals work, why should I get the other brand when it only functions to rub my skin rubbed off!

Using it was simple. Dab the sponge of the  hand held machine into the pot of cream, and smear that cream onto your face over the forehead, cheeks and nose. Then switch on the battery operated handle, and it vibrates at either one of 2 speeds that you choose. 

After 2 months, I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture. In fact, even after the first attempt I already noticed my skin was more radiant and smoother! It was also a great tool in winter to exfoliate off the increased dead skin cells and skin flaking caused by the winter dryness. I used to use it 3times a week, but now that spring is here and the weather not as dry, I have  gradually cut it down to 2times a week, once a week and now fortnightly as my skin doesn’t require such frequent sessions now.

The product itself was easy to apply. It became gritty as it dried on my face after use, but was still easy to wash off. The sponge head is also removable from the handle for easy washing after each use. 

You have to buy the components separately- the cream and sponge comes together (for maximal hygiene as you change the sponge regularly) and the handle in another packaging (which you do not have to change). I find the quality of the sponge rather good, it remains soft and smooth, and retains its original shape even after more than a month of use. There is also quite a lot of product in the pot, and it can last you much longer than the estimated 28days written on the box.

I would continue using it, and definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of getting a home microdermabrasion system.

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