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Abdominal scar indent adhesion?

Posted by babidawlxo

I just had scar revision for a tethered abdominal scar. However, i think it tethered again. It seems to be stuck to the muscle. It won't move from its spot, looks indented, and the skin flaps over it. Is this normal? Or will the incision "pop" out? Please help.. What was your abdominal scar like? Did it move around freely over the underlying muscle?
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I wish I had an answer. I have the same problem from an appendectomy I had when I was 12. I  finally went to a plastic surgeon for a revision three weeks ago. The scar itself looks better, but it is still pulled in. I am searching to find out if it will ever look even like the other side of my stomach does. I go back in three weeks for a follow-up and I am going to ask, but I'd love to hear from you if you get an answer..
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