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A Recession, You Say? No....

Posted Mar 07 2009 12:00am

Not with the way I've been spending recently! I've been indulging in a lot of retail therapy lately, as you can's been kind of rough adjusting to my new home and very busy workdays. If I can eat something other than a packet of oatmeal and get through my thermos of coffee before I go home, I consider it a good day. Most nights I'm too tired to do anything except sit on the couch for a few hours until bedtime. I'm hoping that things will improve once Daylight Savings kicks in (adjust your clocks on Sunday!) and I make an effort to create a better schedule for myself. Anyway - on to the goods!

Yup, I went back to MAC and picked up the Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish. It's just too cute!

I also purchased my first MAC brush - the 217. I wanted a good brush for blending shadows, in the rare event that I wear more than one shade at a time, haha. My eye makeup has gotten so blah lately - it's really minimal now. The 217 does blend well though, I've tried using a few times on some neutral looks, so I'll have to see how it fares with more colorful shadows.

Another trip to Sephora had me leaving with more Zirh Shave Cream (I use this for shaving my legs, it's so much nicer than shaving gel! And it lasts a really long time), Korres Body Butter in Quince, Korres Lip Butter in Quince and Plum, and a small bottle of Smashbox's Photo Finish Light primer. I loooooove the Quince body butter - it smells so yummy on my skin! I think I'm going to get the Jasmine body butter once I run out - that should be sometime in the summer, and I'm going to want a light, floral scent right around then. I kept the Plum Lip Butter for myself, but I'll be saving the Quince Lip Butter for a future prize/giveaway/swap...I haven't decided yet :) Photo Finish Light was just to try a different primer, since I've been sticking with the primers from Philosophy but I've wanted to try some new ones.

I gave in and ordered the Skinfood Aloe BB Cream in #2 shade off of eBay. The Dr. Jart Black Label isn't quite right for my skin, and as much as I love the L'Egere Multi White, some days it can feel too heavy. I purchased the Skinfood BB cream from this seller - I would definitely recommend them to all of you, as they shipped the item rather quickly, especially when you consider that it came all the way from Korea! I've been testing this out all week and so far I like it - definitely lighter than the other two BB creams I've tried, but it feels good on my skin. Full review to come soon :)

(click to enlarge)

And the big haul of the month was my order from - it arrived in three shipments! I wanted to try a lot of products for a long time, so when I had some extra money in my bank account, I decided to go ahead and splurge on my purchase. Here's what I got:
  • Cotton wipes from Shiseido (for makeup remover/toner)
  • Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair shampoo and conditioner (Ohmygod I looooove this stuff!)
  • random false eyelashes
  • oil blotting papers (they were out of the Clean & Clear grapefruit papers)
  • Koji eyelash curlers
  • Skinfood Black Sugar and Black Sesame masks
  • Mandom facewash (Green Tea and Grapefruit; both are apparently for men, but they smell girly!)
  • Silk Whitia Pearl, Whitening Essence, and Whitening and Moisturizing sheetmasks (thanks to the lovely Fuz's reviews)
  • O'slee Whitening (yellow), Pore Refining (purple), and Oil Control (green) sleep masks (something to compare to the Laneige Water Pack mask)
  • KATE blush
  • Skinlite and Mook sheet masks
I'm not keeping all these things for myself...I did a little stocking up for prizes and stuff, so I can mix it up with stuff that I can purchase easily in town as well :) With all the recent purchases I've made, I've been going through my stash of beauty products, and I'm trying to sell/give away some new and/or slightly used items (swatched, used a few times) to anyone interested. Once I've set the site up properly (it's just a blank blog page right now, haha) I'll post a link. 

I'm off to enjoy the ridiculously nice weather today - it's slightly cloudy but the sun is poking out, and it's 71!

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