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A Guy’s POV on Pantene

Posted Dec 08 2010 3:49pm

Hey, that mustache raised nearly $100 for men's health for Movember. RIP mustache.

Ari Sturm writes:

It’s fair to say that I’m not an expert in “men’s beauty-care” products; that’s what they’re called, right?

No, that doesn’t sound right. I’ll have to Google this, be right back…

Okay, I believe we’re talking about “men’s grooming” products, which is just as vast and varied as the world of women’s beauty care, from what I understand. As a guy I don’t give too much thought to grooming, which isn’t to say that I don’t take care of myself.

I’m actually fairly well kempt, and bathe (nearly) daily with whatever products have made their way into my shower. I’ve often picked items based mainly on scent, and less on what they may or may not be doing to my hair, skin, etc (more on the “etc” later). If I had to pinpoint the one thing that I give the most thought to, it would be hair, from head to toe, and everything in between. And recently there seems to be a redistribution going on, some sort of international trade agreement, where my head decided to permanently export to places where hair was, for so long, barren. But I digress.

Pantene-Nature-Fusion-Smooth-Vitality-Shampoo Anyway, it seemed fortuitous that the first product I was asked to give some thought to was a bottle of shampoo–not just because I was nearly out, but because of the kind it was. Placing the new bottle of Pantene Pro V in my shower, I realized that I had been using this shampoo on and off for years, and the more thought I put into it, the more I realized just how effective the shampoo has always been. When, in my youth, I had long, lustrous curly locks down my back, it was the Pantene that kept it from not only dreading, but had women asking regularly as they ran their fingers through my hair, what shampoo I used.

They would then marvel when I told them with a shrug: Pantene. So now, with this bottle of Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality , I’ve noticed, not only is my hair happier (yes, I did just say that), but it smells good and therefore I’m happier. If you’re a guy not looking to spend $30 or more on a bottle of shampoo, and want easy and effective, and something that could just possibly encourage women to run their fingers through your hair, I’m gonna say go with the Pantene.

For now, keep it clean.
Ari Sturm

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