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A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Welcomes Gail Lewis to the Team!

Posted Dec 22 2010 1:23pm

We have a new blogger here at A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm). Please help me in welcoming Gail Lewis, who’ll be jumping right in posting reviews here. Here’s a little more about her, in her own words…

Born in Guyana, South America, my family relocated to Minneapolis, MN (in the dead of winter) in my teens…at which point I was assaulted with my first beauty challenge: dry skin, dry scalp, hair that would give out mini volts of electricity, and the list goes on. Like it or not I was forced to start my research into haircare and skincare appropriate for my “new climate” as well as current make-up trends (hoping that if I wore the right make-up, fitting in on a completely different continent would be a breeze.) **Side note, I also just relocated to Florida so have been researching beauty products suitable for my new climate again…so far so good. 

I come from a multicultural background which has posed a few beauty challenges for me throughout the years, and still does. For instance, finding foundations and concealors that match my skin tone (this normally requires blending different shades, so I’m still on the hunt for the one perfect shade), keeping my naturally curly hair hydrated enough so it does not resemble a jerry curl minus the juice …and finding that ever elusive ginormous round brush so I don’t have to devote an hour in my pursuit of straight shiny hair (or plead with my hairstylist boyfriend to assist.)

Besides studying International Relations at the University of Minnesota (which allowed me to live in Spain for a semester and along with my eye shadow addicted roomate, visit as many spas, salons and make-up counters in Madrid as we possibly could…while of course diligently focusing on our studies,) I’ve also modeled for the past 15 years in Minneapolis for locally based companies such as Aveda, Target, ShopNBC etc. Nothing like having make-up and skincare applied, removed and applied again for twelve hours straight while smiling to cover up your fear of just how raw your skin will look at the end of said twelve hours! This is where befriending and stealing, by which I mean “borrowing” tips and tricks from make-up artists pays off in a major way.

I am obsessed with skin that requires little to no make-up (not because I have an aversion to make-up, but simply because if I cannot dip my fingers in it and apply, I become faced with a challenge tanamount to achieving a flawless “no make-up look” with GASP!…no make-up) and as a result am constantly on the hunt for the next “miracle” product that will give me flawless, blemish free, even toned skin. Just a swipe of tinted lip balm and I’m good to go…sigh. But until that day arrives I plan to have an absolute blast trying any and everything that promises me a better any or everything!

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