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A Gift From the Bees

Posted Jun 28 2010 11:48am

A very busy bee!

Most of the time when I am outdoors and I see a bee, I run! Many people are allergic to the sting of bees (I think I am, so therefore I run!) but have you ever thought about just how useful bees are to us? Not only do we get honey from bees, but we can also use the other magical substances bees produce to have healthier bodies and skin.

A Miracle for Skin

Have you ever heard of Sweet Blessed Bee Magic ? Probably not….I hadn’t either. The name alone makes you think of a beautiful flowered meadow full of fuzzy black and yellow bees pollinating flowers. It’s a fantastic organic skin cream with immense therapeutic properties. It’s a golden colored, creamy substance that is just heaven to rub into skin. Not only does it moisturize even the dryest skin, it heals as well. It can be used for burns, cuts, rashes and skin irritations. The ingredients are like nature’s medicine for your skin. From their website: “Bee Magic is packed with naturally occurring bactericides, germicides and anti-inflammatory properties that actively begin cleaning, healing, protecting and soothing the affected area.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Sometimes I find I get a little redness or bumps on my skin…not sure from what, be it a heat rash or irritation from the elements. I rubbed some of the Bee Magic cream directly on my leg where I had the bumps. Within a few days, they were gone! I even used a few times when I had overindulged in the sun and had a bit of a sunburn. It soothed my skin so well! I can attest to the healing powers of this amazing product.

Bees give us many gifts.

Use it on everything!

Not only is it a healing balm, but it’s also a wonderful daily moisturizer for all skin types, even babies! I used it on my face as well as my body and the feel is just so luxurious. Your skin is reaping the benefits of so many beneficial compounds! What’s in Bee Magic? Not that much but what it does contain packs a healing punch: organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, organic honey, propolis, organic bee pollen and royal jelly. These are live, active, ingredients. They are not processed but are their purest form so you can get all the health benefits. Just what does each ingredient provide? Here’s just a sampling of what each ingredient can do:

Simple, pure ingredients make Bee Magic so effective.

Organic extra virgin olive oil- contains the antioxidant Vitamin E, promotes soft and supple skin
Organic beeswax- full of nutrients, locks in moisture, fosters cells and protects skin from damaging environmental factors
Organic honey- I’ve posted about the many rich benefits of honey. See the post here .
Propolis – cures burns, skin infections, and lesions effectively because of it’s anti-bacterial properties (scientific studies backs this up)
Organic bee pollen- reduces inflammation, soothes itching and moisturize dry skin
Royal jelly- contains B-complex vitamins, minerals, vitamins A, D, E, enzymes, 18 amino acids, and antibacterial and antibiotic compounds. Promotes youthful skin.

Are you convinced?

If you weren’t thinking Bee Magic was a miracle product before, are you now? The ingredients are so extremely therapeutic and in the making of this product, bees are not harmed at all. I believe they were put on the earth to do what they are doing and why shouldn’t we benefit from their gifts? However, if you’re vegan and only use vegan products, I wouldn’t recommend this one for you. But just to reassure you, the great folks behind Bee Magic lovingly handcraft their product giving thanks to the blessed bees for their “heavenly golden healing nectar.” Check out the The Medicine Mama for great insight into how Bee Magic is made.

So bottom line, how much is it? Well, a 2 ounce jar is $16.99 (sold in stores) and a 4 ounce jar is offered online for $29.95 with free shipping.   I took to keeping a small container near my bed and whenever I felt a little dry skin or irritation, I’d spread some on. I literally loved this cream and I really think you would too. Give it a try. By the way, I am not even an affiliate of Bee Magic and will not receive any commission by promoting it. This is just a product I truly believe in, adore and feel as though anyone who used it will benefit in tremendous ways. See my video below!

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

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