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A Bad Hair Day Every Day?!

Posted Aug 18 2010 4:46am

I’ve always had great hair….I’m sorry if that sounds conceited but I was blessed by the “hair fairy.” My best hair days was in my 20s. I had long, flowing sun kissed (well, highlighted) hair. It was shiny, healthy, and manageable. Whenever I went to my hair dresser for a touch up, she always complimented me on my lustrous hair. Flash forward to my 30s…when I started experiencing some hair difficulties. It was a bit more dry (and even oily at times) and more unruly. I have wavy hair and sometimes I get very lazy and don’t do a thing to it (and I was NOT blessed with hair styling ability.) Here’s my usual hair routine: Shampoo, condition, leave-in conditioner, comb. Done. On those special occasions, I blow-dry it straight and it looks good….but lately it hasn’t looked as good as it can and I was wondering why….

bad hair 300x199 A Bad Hair Day Every Day?!

Bad hair day! Could this be you? I feel your pain.

A Switcheroo

I usually stick to the same brand of shampoo and conditioner, but I was out of my usual stuff and I usually buy it online so I was stuck! What to do? I was shopping at Ross (love it) when I came across the “Yes to Tomatoes” line. You’ve probably heard it…it’s made by the same company as the “Yes to Carrots” variety. I took a look at the ingredients (which is always a MUST) and they seemed pretty good! At $2.99 a bottle, they were also priced just right! I began using the shampoo and conditioner (I wash my hair every other day so as not to strip the natural oils) and started to see a change…for the worse!

Back to Basics

I am not saying the Yes to Tomatoes line is horrible….what may not work for someone else may work for you. I noticed my hair becoming more unmanageable and just not looking good. It was more dry than normal and even frizzier! Help!!! I started thinking about it….and realized that when I use my regular brand, my hair was always fabulous. I put two and two together and realized I needed to go back! Guess what my normal brand is? Aubrey Organics ! I used the Rosa Mosqueta line religiously as it was extra moisturizing and especially for color treated hair. As a blogger I am always getting to try new product lines and I love finding great products.  But it’s so reassuring to know I have my Aubrey Organics waiting in the wings, ready to rescue me and my hair! My hair loves Aubrey Organics and I am ready to admit it. If you’d like to read my review of Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo and Conditioner hop on over to my All About Aubrey Organics blog . You never know….you hair may love Aubrey Organics too!

Stay natural…stay beautiful…go green!

f4467b9b467924029b359541c446274f A Bad Hair Day Every Day?!

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