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6 Reasons Why I Chose An IPL Hair Removal System

Posted Aug 29 2011 6:13am

Like anyone I've always had to deal with unwanted hair.  It's like any time I have an important date or business to take care of it magically appears.  If I keep shaving my arms it's gonna end up as thick as a beard and when I'm in a rush I don't have time to use depilatory cream on my upper lip.  I'm so tired of the anxiety from this hair and the last minute panic it causes so I decided to do something about it. I was looking for a home use device which is proven and is easy to do.

After tons of research I decided on IPL, I have come up with reasons why I should choose IPL, so I'll try and save everyone the time I spent on this. I think here are 6 of the biggies:

1.  From the research I've done IPL is the closest thing you can get to a Hair Removal guarantee out there.  According to research, if your hair is dark and you have a light skin you should see permanent hair reduction results with an IPL hair removal device. I mean the technology works, and thousands of people can't be wrong.  You're obviously going to want to make sure your skin and hair types are compatible with it first but almost all skin and hair types are.  A few IPL units have built in skin sensors so if you tan or are just unsure go for one of these to be safe!

2.  I love portability and most home IPL devices are small and portable. This means I can take it with me when I am going out of town. Avoid battery powered ones as charging can be a bit of hassle. I don't have to have some giant professional machine laying around my apartment when I have people over.   Not to mention that I'm too embarrassed to go to the beauty clinic and I'm a bit of a penny pincher anyway. You know what I'm talking about.

3.  IPL home hair removal has NO "recovery time". Save the embarrassment, no one will notice it in the first place. I don't want to like stay indoors after the treatment at the risk of getting sunburn or something.  The good thing is some IPL home devices do not have any downtime and you can continue your normal activities after the treatment. Just avoid severe sun though. I'm not ready to be sharing my hair removal methods with the guy I'm seeing right now but, with the results I'm getting, he won't ask about it anyway! (thanks to IPL Hair Removal)

4.  Home-Use IPL units are cost efficient and don't require maintenance.  The best thing about technology is the better a technology becomes, the more affordable it is.  Same goes for IPL. IPL hair removal has been around for like 20 years and the technology has progressed so far that it is now not only has become affordable, but it also has become extremely efficient, meaning, devices are getting cheaper and more effective at the same time. IPL works on flash lamps and flash lamps are getting cheaper than ever now.

5.  The most important thing is that IPL technology is SAFE, just make sure you choose the right unit and not one of those hand sized things that are the size of a cell phone.  IPL uses filtered light so no concerns about skin cancer or anything like that (no UV).  Like I said before make sure you try and get one that has a built in skin sensor.  As long as the device you are getting is CE or FDA approved you're good. Also, did we tell you that IPL is safe as in "No Side Effects"? Yes, IPL users does not even experience pain, although a slight snappy feeling and a temporary pinkishness may result if you can call that a side effect. 

6.  Treatments with the right unit are fast and permanent.  This isprobably the reason why IPL is so popular today. IPL devices unlike laser operates on multiple wavelengths and IPL treatment heads are far larger than laser heads. Some really good IPL treatment heads are like 6cm2 which accounts for at least a 80% of reduction in treatment compared to electrolysis or laser or even waxing.  According to research new hair follicles come up after a decade or so depending upon their age and ethnicity. These are the hairs that they claim to be regrown. The fact is hair follicles once destroyed will never grow back. The hair follicles that are destroyed by IPL is gone forever and IPL permanent hair reduction results can be observed within anywhere from 60 to 90 days after about 6-12 sessions.

If you ask me to recommend a cost-efficient, safe and result oriented device I would immediately recommend myESPIL. myESPIL has a built-in skin protection sensor and it's absolutely skin friendly and really does it's job (probably the best feature of myespil Hair Removal).  myESPIL also has a money back guarantee for 60 days at the time I ordered (double check it's still offered when you order). I am confident enough to ask you to try out myESPIL for 60 days and use it as per their recommendation to see whether IPL works for you or not. If you still do no find any noticeable hair reduction after 2 months, you can return it for a full refund. Do check out their website though at  There are cheaper units but I know they don't work just from typing in the names in Google and seeing the reviews.  There are ones for 2000 US but the reviews aren't much better and why spend the extra money?

I hope this helps some people out there with similar issues with unwanted hair. I wish I had someone who had told me about IPL earlier so that I would have avoided all those misery with waxing. If you guys have any questions I'll try and answer them just drop me a line.

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