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4 Ways To Brighter Eyes

Posted Aug 23 2011 3:35pm
I have been feeling the effects of some massive sleep deprivation lately and worry it's starting to show on my face.

Bright eye tip #1 which will be explained below!

This is because my oldest has started kindergarten (as I'm sure you all remember here) which is causing the whole family to get up much earlier than usual in order to get him out of the door.  On top of that I've been staying up way too late at night to respond to emails and getting back to people while also doing all those daytime chores that couldn't be done during the actual day.  The reason I can't do daytime chores anymore, is because my youngest is ALL OVER the place, and I literally cannot do anything but play defense to her offense when she is awake.

This is what I mean by she is everywhere- she's even in the dishwasher!   Yes, that's my foot holding down the top so she doesn't try to shut herself in the dishwasher while I load and unload.  I wish I were an octopus at times.
So in order for the early morning and late nights to not show on my face, my first recommendation is to wear a hat- preferably a cute one like my Target fedora here, to take some of the spotlight off your face and onto your accessory!

No, but really, here are my top 4 tips to getting brighter looking eyes with makeup- no hat necessary: *note, all 4 tips not used on my face in these pics, only the first two!*
#1.  If you must wear neutral shadows and are scared to try color, try picking a shimmery version of your basic browns and taupes.  Apply this shimmer or metallic version as close to the lash line as possible to appear as if you have a twinkle in your eye that someone can't exactly tell where it's coming from.  This also keeps you from appearing too glittery or overdone if you applied it all over the lid.  I used "bronze edge" metalliner ($6) from mark cosmetics here , and of course flicked it up right at the corner of the eye for an instant eye lift without the knife!

#2.  Try lavenders or light plum shadows.  If you aren't opposed to color, this is one of the easiest shades to pull off.  I used a medium plum shadow underneath my lower lash line here ( Lancome's "Snap" Color Design eye shadow $18). It is a most universally flattering and brightening shade to ANY eye color.
#3.  Apply white.  White eyeliner that is, and use it along the inner waterline of your bottom lash line and in the inner corners of your eye near the tear duct.  My best post of how to use white to brighten your eyes is from my older blog, Wow'em With White .  I think this is a great example of how to use white to your advantage and it's got lots of how-to pictures!

#4.  Buck the boring black and brown liner and try NAVY or PLUM!  Once again, the slightest bit of color makes a huge difference in how bright your eyes are perceived.  I'm not telling you to do electric green or yellow liner, so just try these two colored options of dark blue and purple.  I promise, they won't scare or disappoint.  Here's a look at what simple navy can do for you.

Uh oh, looks like someone is trying to grab my attention again as I sit here at my desk to type- how could I resist this face?  This little girl totally brightens my day!! (By the way, this blog was not created in one sitting.  As a matter of fact, I've sat at my computer 3 different times today until I was finally able to complete a thought! Oh the patience a mother must have and ability to multitask- I amaze myself sometimes!)
What brightens your day?

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