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3 Holistic ways to Permanently get rid of Body Odor and/or Bad Breath

Posted Dec 12 2009 9:43am

This is really simple. To get really rid of chronic Body Odor or Bad Breath (Halitosis), three things are required;

1) Rehabilitate Gut Function and the entire Digestive Tract

We are not water proof odour proof plastic bags. Our skin, and just about every cell of our body is porous. So we're more like very porous paper bags. This means what's happening inside our body is slowly seeping out through our skin into the air around. If our digestive tract contains food that isn't digested, or the digestion is getting done way too slowly, all the smells of food being processed, and the gases working on them, and just about everything happening in the factory within will seep out.

To rehabilitate our Gut Function and along with it the entire digestive tract, we need to make the three points below part of our lifestyle.

1) Chew Food really well
Chewing food in the mouth lessens the gut's work and causes all the substances required to digest it quickly and properly in the stomach, to be released (saliva being the first of those substances).

2) Smell food before or while eating it.
Doing this will also help the digestive system prepare to manage it starting right now rather than two hours later. This is because the smell of food is easier for the body to understand and react to, than its hard core chemical structure which is what it will deal with in the stomach. Its like making advance booking in a hotel instead of arriving without warning. If you book in advance, you get the room of your choice and the moment you arrive you can go straight to your room. If you arrive without warning, there's a wait while the hotel staff try to fit you in and you just might have to make do with whatever is available.

3) Eat natural foods
This is because our bodies have evolved to manage and take advantage of these. Processed foods, are harder to digest, don't have the fibre that make digestion happen and nutritionally and are energetically imbalanced. The more basic and closer to nature our food is the easier it will go through us.

2) Oxygenate the entire Body

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