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3 foods that digest food immediately {Health}

Posted Feb 14 2014 1:30am
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Sometimes I eat so much unknowingly and suffer with a stuffed and over-filled stomach tending to burst. Recently, I have found ways to reduce the uncomfortable feeling with the help of following three foods which can be had right after the meal. They empty your stomach in a jiffy by boosting your metabolism and making you damn hungry in the next two hours!!

Green Tea
On top of my list is this one coz you can have this anytime of the day whether you are stuffed or hungry or whether you feel like munching junk or just want to sip some water. Also, being hot, it relaxes the mind as well. A glass of green tea can make your tummy feel lighter in just about 15 minutes. 

You might say how can I have water over a filled tummy? Well, you need not gulp down the tea. Boil the water, brew the tea and sip it slowly. Trust me, its extremely relaxing, just as much as a body massage. And, do check out how to make green tea properly unless you love the bitter taste.
Ginger TeaWell, not really my favorite but one of my colleague vouches by this. Now, there are two versions of this tea. One is the {ginger boiled in water} tea and another is the regular milk tea we make at home. If you are just boiling ginger in water, you can have it right after the meal and ginger is amazing for its potent anti-oxidants.
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But, you can not have the milk tea immediately. You need to give it a half hour to one and then have a small cup of this tea. Make sure sugar is less and ginger is more! And, your food will digest off in one hour!!
FennelReducing the bloating and improving digestion is one of the prime reasons for this spice to be an inherent part of the meal. And, since I have discovered that chewing fennel is extremely soothing for the stuffed tummy, I have never missed a chance to pop some. Btw, stay away from the sugar coated fennels as they tend to pump more sugar into the system than the goodness of fennel!!
A TIP: Try not to drink any fluids immediately before meal. If you do feel thirsty, keep a glass of warm water by your plate. Warm water helps with the digestion process, I believe!! 
What are your remedies to help with over-stuffed tummy?
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