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24 Letter Mantra Products by Sresta Natural Bio Product Limited

Posted Sep 15 2010 11:30am
Disclaimers: This is not a brand endorsements or even for that matter a review. I am just recommending a brand which I found useful and beneficial for me. I was not sent any samples for reviews. Rather, I bought the products from nearby supermarket, Spencers. And, I am not compensated to write this post. The views and experience is entirely mine.

I have recently seen a huge increase in the people going for Olive Oils and other products which are deemed to be good for body but not produced in India. Thus, we have to rely on the international companies and buy what we get. But, as I pointed out in one of my posts, even the most famous and popular of the brands sell adulterated olive oil labeling it to be Extra-Virgin. You can read the article here. So, how much would you like to compromise on the quality? If you ask me, I would prefer to go for products produced in India so that at least I am able to distinguish between the qualities. 
So, I would like to introduce you to one of the first food organic company of India - 24 Letter Mantra . First, let me talk about its certifications. The company is registered with US FDA and is certified from USDA Organic, India Organic and Control Union. You would find their symbols on the products and the license numbers are also give in its site. And, has various process and quality certifications of ISO 9001 and 22000 among others. The products range from all fruits and vegetables to spices and bakery. I have not yet had a chance to visit its retail store. Once I visit it, I would surely report back. Unfortunately, it has only two retail stores across India - Hyderabad and Pune and has partner stores across the main towns across the country. Its website provides the requisite information. The one thing which struck me was that it does not label everything to be organic. For instance, it labels the raisins (kismis) 'Natural'. And, makes a clear cut distinction among its 'Organic' and 'Natural' products. It claims most of its products to be organic.
I have had a chance to use many of its products including spices, dry fruits and vegetable oils. The vegetable or cooking oils are all cold pressed and organic. It has five oils: Safflower, Coconut, Mustard, Peanut / Groundnut and Sesame Oil. I had a chance to use Mustard oil till July. The duration for safe usage of the oil was just 9 months. Same goes for the Groundnut oil. The texture of the oils are rough and the taste is harsh on the mouth specially for the Groundnut oil which makes it pretty clear that it has undergone minimum processing. I applied the oil on my hair too and I can definitely say that the result was better than the commercial oils I have used. And, in case of spices and dry fruits, most of the spices are good to use for only 4-6 months. Some of the packed are usable for a year but not more.
So, in case you get a chance to try out these products, I would recommend you to. And, if you are already using these products, I encourage you to share your views and experiences.
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