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I WANT YOUR QUESTIONS! I'm a ski instructor that is getting pretty bored now that it's late summer.  Let me know if you h ...
Aug 26 2009 9:14pm
Get free ski & snowboard gear from Sessions! This is a pretty cool promo Sessions Snowboards is having where you can win free snowboard gear: ht ...
Apr 24 2009 11:29am
Preventing a bunny slope disaster-need advice! My first skiing experience was a terrible one-the boots hurt, I couldn't work my coordination to b ...
May 05 2008 7:36pm
Hi Kristen,  I've been a professional ski instructor for 25 years. I would love to... more
Jan 09 2013 2:13pm
"The Man Who Skied Down Everest" "The Man Who Skied Down Everest" is a film from 1975 of a team that made the climb up Mt. Everest, ...
Mar 09 2008 6:52pm
It's available on Netflix. I imagine you can find it at some local movie stores, but it... more
Mar 10 2008 6:16pm
Brave! Perhaps someday I will try skiing but for now I will leave it to those of you who are brave enough ...
Jan 16 2008 8:51am
I was an adult on a bunny hill my first time-and I was terrified. It was pretty... more
Jan 16 2008 6:48pm
Fit for the slopes This article on offers ideas on how skiers and snowboarders can stay safe and comfortabl ...
Jan 03 2008 6:52pm
I'm a bit dissapointed at that article. They left the most important point for... more
Oct 14 2008 12:26pm
Helmets important for skiers and snowboarders An article on reports that stunts on the snowy slopes has had head and spine injuries on t ...
Dec 31 2007 1:39pm
Tahoe Rocks in the Winter! Interested in Skiing this winter? The Stanford Ski Club makes regular trips up to Lake tahoe and el ...
Oct 19 2007 3:42pm
Love Skiing the winter season just ended... i managed to go on a tahoe trip in april (or was it march?) but that ...
Jun 01 2007 4:50pm
Pray for snow Let's hope that this rain storm is dropping some white stuff up in Tahoe right now. We need some lo ...
Feb 22 2007 4:20pm
This rain storm today could really help in Tahoe if the mountains remain cold enough for... more
Jan 03 2008 3:36pm