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The proper use of life jackets

Posted Nov 21 2012 2:33am
Life jackets are cheap north face an essential part of a boats equipment. All life jackets should be stowed where they can be easily found and put on; should an emergency occur. The storage cupboard should also be clearly marked, so in an emergency all can see where to get a life jacket. Life jackets should be inspected occasionally for cuts and tears. Most life jackets come with a whistle on a string; make sure the whistle isnt missing and is still attached. Check batteries in any torches to see they are functioning properly. Some life jackets self inflate, if so make sure the gas cylinder still holds sufficient gas. Lastly check all belts and cords for fraying or damage.
On small craft life jackets should always be worn by children in all circumstances north face jackets for men. Ideally all adults should wear a life jacket at all times on sail boats and dinghies. Certainly all poor swimmers should dorm a life jacket at all times when afloat. The chances of sinking may not be high but small craft can overturn and there are many things on a yacht that can knock one overboard in rough weather. Before putting a life jacket on, especially if it isnt one of your own, is to check it is serviceable as described above. If the life jacket is dirty give it a wipe as you might be relying on its visibility in an emergency. Now place the garment over ones head. Next, zip up the life jacket all the way to the top. Never wear a life jacket that is unzipped north face hoodie. Youll never be able to zip it up in the sea and for that reason it will be useless and will not keep you afloat. The most important part of a life jacket when it is worn is the straps. It is essential to wear the straps properly. Two straps one on each side of the life jacket goes under the groin. These should be properly adjusted to hold the life jacket down but be comfortable enough to walk freely. If you neglect to wear and properly adjust these straps, the life jacket in the sea will rise up and cover you face. You body will not be held in the water properly and will make drowning a lot more likely than if you wore nothing. However, if the life jacket is worn properly it will keep you afloat and your head above water for hours or until you are rescued.  


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