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Preventing a bunny slope disaster-need advice!

Posted by Kristen D.

My first skiing experience was a terrible one-the boots hurt, I couldn't work my coordination to be able to get off the lift and onto the slope, etc. I was skiiing with an experienced skiier, but not an instructor.

Do any of you have tips for beginners who may not have access to a professional instructor but still want to comfortable, enjoyable first skiing experience? Any general beginners tips are welcome!

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Hi Kristen,

 I've been a professional ski instructor for 25 years. I would love to help you out.

First, the boots must be comfortable. If you're renting boots, you don't have to take the first ones you try on. It might be a pain in the keishter for the rental tech to let you try 3-4 different pairs of boots, but this is critical. You might ask for a newer pair, as they "pack out" just the way a leather shoe conforms to its owner's foot.

Next, I never have first-timers ride the chair lift. You don't have enough skill to get off the lift, much less get down. I made this video with "SheJumps" last winter. Beginners start with basics at the bottom, then they just walk up up little and slide down 15-20 feet.

Once you develop the skills in this video, you should be able to go up the rope tow, magic carpet or in some cases, the resort might have a "baby chair lift."

 Ping me on here if you want more help.


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