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Marc Jacobs' 2013 spring-summer men's collection

Posted Nov 22 2012 3:49am
The Marc Jacobs collection for the Spring was inspirational taking the traditional look of the city gentleman and turning it upside down and inside out, offering alternatives to those that want to look great and stylish, with strongly accented color and innovative north face fleece use of fabrics and colors.Youth was the overall image that was produced by this collection which walked away from traditional presentation into an era of alternative use of contrasting fabrics for those that want to look upbeat and modern without the restrictions of classical style. *Shorts*Pants*Shirts*Jackets*CoatsSHORTSThe introduction of shorts to the concept of tailored suits was dominant in this collection and seemed rebellious, appealing to those with individualistic wishes to enhance and personalize their appearance. Shorts were strong contenders in the collection, taking the traditional trouser length, and cutting a short rather than above the knee style which is startlingly effective.To add to the diversity of the collection, the introduction of bold print for shorts gave an alternative casual appearance.PANTSAlthough styling for everyday wear, the trouser look has a slimline cut and shorter than other collections, resting at shoe level. Interesting use of grays and weaves made the collection a viable one for those seeking modern look. Plaid was discreet rather than bold and the overall color blended the traditional grays in different shades of intensity.JACKETSThe jackets of this collection were a bold statement, using one shade of gray on one of the jacket sides and a darker gray on the other in almost a rebellious nature the theme of which was followed with knitwear in contrasting shades. Low slim lapels and rounded edges made the day to day jackets look appealing and flattering, while other styles of jackets seemed to jump away from the traditionally recognized styles into a semi casual manner, offering different cuts and fastenings in almost what could be described as a bomber jacket style gone classic in discreet check.SHIRTS and SWEATERSThe use of fabric was extremely clever in this collection, combining different prints on the same shirt style and bringing back into the spotlight heavy checks in contrasting white and navy. The work style shirts have smaller collars, though going against the grain of other collections the contrast of a wide tie was used to great effect with bold coloration.Sleeve lengths were played with and just below the elbow length cuffs in a contrasting beige really did give the look a startlingly refreshing youthful look.Sweaters continued the theme of contrasts with cardigan styles in contrasting colors using bold color coordination and trimmed in lighter color worked very well and will become a popular craze since they are easily wearable and great for that mix and match wardrobe.COATSThe trench style coats that were shown in this collection were a bold statement, and colors available original with startling blue and beige, coming in longer lengths that enhance the overall look created.OVERALLThe Marc Jacobs collection is aimed at the young at heart, and never treads lightly. It's diverse attention to detail and mixture of styles means that it presents a good representation of mix and match items, using fabrics to startling effect, and allowing the individual the chance to personalize while staying within the designer's ideals north face nuptse vest. One of the most noticeable effects of the collection was the stepping away from traditional match in trousers and jackets, and instead, pulling together colors that work together and definite separates rather than monotone suits Cheap North Face Jacket.A great collection of clothing for the modern man.  


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