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Little Wild Horse Canyon

Posted Nov 20 2012 3:31am
There is no trail, but who needs one when passage through the rocks is as straightforward north face slippers as a maze. Simply start walking up the canyon bottom. In about a half mile, the canyon walls push in from both sides and a low wall of sandstone blocks the route. You'll find a couple ways over the obstacle, and the kids will definitely need some help. If you find this difficult, be cheered in the knowledge that the wall is the hardest part in the entire canyon. Within a couple hundred yards, the drainage splits. Go right into Little Wild Horse, the smaller of the two canyons. Straight ahead is Bell Canyon, an alternate return route. Slot canyons aren't as dark and gloomy as they sound. Sunlight plays off the walls high above. Now and then you burst into bright alcoves with vertical bands of sandstone, like walking through whale's ribs. Everywhere the rock is sculptured into flowing lines, giving the feeling of motion. It's a little less than three miles to walk through the Reef. You can go as far as you like, then turn around. However, there is an incentive to make it all the way through. The main portion of the narrows is cut through Navajo sandstone, but the last half-mile is in the Kayenta formation. This sandstone has its own narrows that are totally different from the Navajo. The red-layered sandstone walls are much lower and are scalloped like Swiss cheese. For the more adventurous, you can walk all the way through the Reef to an old mining road, turn left and walk about a mile to Bell Canyon, then descend Bell back to the trailhead. Bell is not nearly as scenic as Little Wild Horse, but its soaring walls are impressive. Forget Las Vegas. Go to the San Rafael Swell to play the slots. It's legal for the kids and they'll talk about the trip long after you get home. Trip Planner Getting there: Start in Green River, Utah, and head west on Interstate 70. After 11 miles, take the Utah Highway 24 exit south north face apex bionic. Continue for 24 miles and turn right onto Temple Wash Road, following the signs for Goblin Valley State Park. In 5 miles, keep heading for Goblin Valley by turning left on a well-maintained dirt road North Face Sale. Half a mile short of the entrance to the state park, bear right, following signs to Little Wild Horse. The trailhead is about 5 miles from Goblin Valley. The roads to the trailhead are in amazingly good shape considering it's 50 miles away from the nearest town.  


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