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How to take measurements for a man's suit

Posted Nov 21 2012 6:21am
Too often people think the only measurement Cheap North Face they need to get a man's suit to fit right is his chest size. This is the first mistake, and that can be fatal whether buying off the rack or having the suit custom made. No tailor worth their measuring tape will make this mistake, nor will well-trained sales people in clothing stores. There are other considerations to measuring a man's suit that are critical to making the man look good in the suit and the suit to look good on the man. Being a seamstress, I can tell you that fitting a man's suit takes a good many measurements. The jacket alone is an exercise in size. We'll begin with the pants, though, because they are easier to measure for fit. Yes, I know about the fashionable' wearing of pants sagging halfway to the ankles, which is a deplorable statement on fashion no matter the type of pants, no matter how funny they look when the pants fall down. However, in a business or formal suit it just won't work north face down jacket. First, you will need to measure the waist, preferably just above the hipbones. Measuring the hips around the largest part of the buttocks can be a helpful measurement if the client has a well-endowed middle and posterior. This will help fit the pants loose enough to avoid an embarrassing seam failure, and a quick exit. This measurement also helps ensure that the pockets are kept flat instead of open far enough to show the inner pocket making the whole outfit look tacky. The next measurement you'll need is the inseam length. This runs from the crotch seam to the hem of the pants, generally just below the ankle bone, to get the proper length, which is just at the top of the shoe for a really good look. If the man has very muscular, or just large, thighs, you'll need to measure the thigh at the thickest point so you can fit the pants to that area as well. If the man's hips are larger than his waist, or vice versa, you will also need that measurement for accuracy north face denali. That pretty much finishes the measurements for the pants. Now we measure for the jacket. These measurements will be given in list form just to make the entire process easier to read and follow, for those wishing to make a jacket or are having one made. Be sure and write down all of your measurements for best memory, please. 1. Measure the client's chest at its thickest point, right about the nipples, and have him take a breath. Taken with an inflated chest will allow for the jacket to not be too tight.2. Measure the waist just above the hipbones for fitting  


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