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Posted by Teresa J.

Perhaps someday I will try skiing but for now I will leave it to those of you who are brave enough to make that first push and go sliding down a mountainside. My cousin is a ski instructor, so you'd think I'd have tried it, but I can barely get onto an escalator! I want to give credit to those who ski. Not only do you contend with cold weather (brrr) but you risk injury. You're a brave bunch!

I wonder: how did you ever make that first move? Describe your feelings about it, even if you were a kid on a bunny hill.

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I was an adult on a bunny hill my first time-and I was terrified. It was pretty hysterical. I feel getting off of the ski lift, and I'm pretty sure I suffered some kind of ice burn when all my layers of clothes slid up my stomach as I slid down the snow. But I'm sure I'm a rarity. I was without a true instructor-just an experienced skier friend.
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