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Skating/blading Community - Questions & Answers

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Oct 19 2007 10:08am
So you're new to Stanford and looking for a place to Skate? This is the cl ... more
Oct 19 2007 10:08am
Roller Derby Skates (White boots-indoor outdoor wheels) are reasonable and can be... more
Mar 20 2010 12:10am
Nice thread!  I rollerbladed my way to thicker, firmer thigh muscles, and less lower... more
Apr 01 2010 6:39am
I heard from a friend that one of HIS friends implied roller blading wasn't cool... more
Jul 27 2010 4:49am
How do I hockey stop? more
Jun 07 2007 10:05am
Jun 01 2007 4:27pm
Does anyone want to go ice skating sometime...I like to make figure 8's but I ca ... more
Jun 01 2007 4:27pm