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Do you skate i do?         i skate to exercise and main tain my fitness and health i just started a week ago so far i ...
Mar 18 2010 5:08pm
Skating in Cincinnati Hello, If your an inline skater you might be interested in knowing that there is an inline spee ...
Dec 09 2009 5:25am
skating Skaters say the danger is a big part of the fun, but safety experts want things to be a little les ...
Aug 12 2008 12:50am
I once jumped on rollerblades, proceeded to fall after landing, and couldn't move one... more
Aug 13 2008 3:26pm
Skate Park Advocacy Do you want a skate park built in your area? Advocacy is very important to getting a safe and fun pl ...
Apr 27 2008 3:10pm
Nordic Skating I came across this article on Nordic Skating on this afternoon. This sport—long distance ...
Feb 11 2008 5:05pm
'Tis the Season Some of my best Winter holidays is ice skating. A wonderful workout that everyone can enjoy. Those ...
Nov 22 2007 11:50am
Ice skating is such a great workout. Working hard to keep yourself balanced, which also... more
Dec 25 2007 7:32pm
I would like to know more of ice skating. Where I can go for the lessons,or either an indoor place that does it.
Nov 08 2007 5:52am
A fun way to CARDIO Ever rollerskate? A fun way to rack up cardio requirements
Oct 19 2007 12:41pm
It's extra fun when you deck out in leg warmers and roll to the Xanadu soundtrack on... more
Nov 16 2007 9:46am
Re-learning I skated when I was in high Scool - I'm 60 years old and I bought a pair of skates 6 months ago and ...
Oct 18 2007 5:11pm
Thank you - I roller skate because at the rink I'm learning spins, balance, reverse,... more
Jan 01 2008 5:48pm
Host a Roller Skating Party! Okay, you know you all remember. Back in the 80's, roller rinks were all the rage. There was a dis ...
Sep 03 2007 7:08pm
I found out about a rink near me when I was a teenager, and visited often for a while.... more
Nov 07 2007 6:54pm