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Which skates are the best skates?

Posted by vicki l.

I love to ice skate but I haven't roller skated in years. I'd love to get back into it and I always eye the skates on sale in the local newspaper inserts. But the truth is, I don't know what I should be looking for. If I spend about $80, am I going to get something that will last and not hurt? I don' really care about the latest technology; I just want a pair of skates that will keep me safe, not hurt me (well, assuming I don't fall) and aren't going to fall apart in a few months. Can anyone give me some tips? Thanks!
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Roller Derby Skates (White boots-indoor outdoor wheels) are reasonable and can be ordered online.  I am 63 and used to skate all the time but quit about 30 years ago.  I felt out of balance and insecure on my new skates so I got a walker, put 4" wheels on all four legs and used it both on the street and in the rink (they said that they allowed strollers and wheelchairs so why not walkers).  I have improved a lot, and other than high fives from teenagers who pass me, and envious looks from other grandparents I haven't yet died of embarassment or fallen down.  I figure that in another month or so- skating once a wk- I'll retire the walker.  But in the meantime I am having a ball.
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