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Skating/blading Tips - Reasons to skate

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm 1 Comment
Reasons to skate 1: Its invigorating, and provides mental serenity.
Reasons to skate 2: It firms up your buttocks and thighs.
Reasons to skate 3: For the love of it.
Reasons to skate 4: Becaues it frees you.
Reasons to skate 5: Inline skating is social.
Reasons to skate 6: It clears the air. Reduce your carbon footprint when you skate instead of drive
Reasons to skate 7: For the rush and the fun of it.
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I use to skate 3 times a week when I was a teenager got pretty good at it then I went to college then work then marriage then babies and there went my skates where are they, gone someplace, but just this past weekend i met a guy who washing his car at the same time said to me do you skate huh yeah I mean use to, but before I knew anything he had invited me to a skate party. I havent skated in years how can I get back into it again I use to love it was one of the only thing i was passionate about I like to get that passion back help.
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