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Skating/blading Tips - For beginners

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Master the basics. First, learn how ot stride, stop, and turn. Taking lessons is a great way to get started
Revisit your childhood. Try inline skating, a modern way to revisit the fun you had on your roller skates when you were a kid
Take lessons. If you are just starting, lessons will get you going faster, and reduce your risk of injury. Find an IISA certified instructor
Think globally, act locally. Use your inline skates instead of your car for local trips
Try inline skating. 50 million people worldwide must be on to something
Wear a helmet. Its just dumb to land on your head and get a concussion, or worse
Wear knee pads. Really, this is a saver. Don' t wait 'til after you fall and injure your knee cap!
Wear wrist guards. 37% of all inline skating injuries are to the wrist and forearm. Wrist guards reduce the risk by 90%
Your first skate. If you aren't sure which skate to get, try a medium priced, comfortable recreation skate
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