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has made him a pleasant surprise

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:33am
Film "has made him a pleasant surprise, the physique is grown as a steel-like solid, although they can not accept the world of strength grown up through the pores and orifices point, but the degree of tenacity than the day soldiers master to no way not to mention the more so The biggest benefit is breath lingering far-reaching, reaching appalling 20 as the force in one fell swoop will be able to sweep the entire multitude of the heavenly host environment once the breakthrough qualitative change, I'm afraid they went out of the first of the the "Creepy Fair" the second floor, in the first layer around for a moment, the sky has dimmed, "Creepy Fair" sounded distant chime of sound. listened to, Dragon Fire will say: "The Young seems the the 'Creepy bazaar' is to be closed, turned into a week's time, it seems I remember correctly, the time, unfortunately, not been able to go 100 Chun House 'Creepy' play with 'Phantom 'is also never have to edge one into pity Unfortunately, "" Phantom is what? "sunglass looked at the dragon fire, do not know him in the end unfortunately never again encounter that Jiuye" or is a pity that the two mysterious place. 'mirage' than 'Creepy 100 Chun House' is strange, which, after all, also opening to the outside world, the former depends on fate and chance, is now eight bulk door first is never able to enter the Phantom, only let destined talents have the opportunity to enter where Once inside, is likely to get fake oakleys on top of the ultra-class the Budokan exercises Nine God level Horcruxes, rumors of a million years ago, the six circles the old concept of God Guizhen scattered people, but a 'God paternity' level scattered repair, it is because to get into the 'Phantom', and the 'the infinite secret code' thirty-seventh martial 'seamless real decision 'retreat for thousands of years, in one fell swoop to achieve throughout the first layer of the God Emperor Chen Huang environment Shouyuan one hundred thousand, Armageddon, become the master concept of God is one of six circles, more' Creepy the bazaar 'regarded as a third worship. "Youth much I love guns, age dragon fire is the vision of the master of the age of the hero, and therefore a reference to this mysterious' Phantom' help revealing some very longing expression. sunglass but heart of a dynamic, secretly Analysis: able people into the the God Emperor habitat clever exercises this strange too drastic, just be able to change the pattern forces today, eight the bulk door and three Royal cheap oakley sunglasses Palace why would indifferent? fear that some terrible secret. "the first layer, there Tahan before that was removed from her party. mirrors, again put the animal" apprehensive "out." apprehensive "apparently off in Inner Senses Youzi scarlet blood out of mouth, covered with barbed tongue rolled, extremely enjoy delicious prey. "VIP bon voyage 'Creepy Fair' look forward to your next visit. "Han bowed attitude is extremely respectful and humble, has a distinct change indifferent to alienate, the owners of the black gold king card, just to make people think about the feel of luxury dragon fire and sunglass reported laugh, step onto the "bewildered", a next vertical flying out of the river and went straight to the other little knowledge is broken walls away. saw some sunglass Note, jump into the whole "Creepy Bazaar countless rare and ferocious beasts, some "bewildered" than the more aggressive, more forceful breath Upon these evil beasts carrying people are
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