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Cool off your workout by ice skating

Posted by Nancy B.

The late summer is hot, hot, hot! If you’re interested in cooling down your workouts while burning up calories, ice skating might give you some relief. The average 150-pound person who has a light ice skating workout for 15 minutes burns nearly 100 calories and a moderate workout nets 125 calories. Double the time and you get, respectively, about a 200- or 250-calorie burn-off, according to an online fitness calculator I found.
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I checked out the url you had posted and it is really very helpful because it helps you compare different exercises. So you know how effective each exercise is. Thanks for that
Yeah, I've heard that when your body works hard to stay warm, you Are burning calories, but I'm not entirely sure. But something I've noticed is that those who tend to like drinking ice cold beverages in the winter time tend to be thinner, and I'm not sure if there's a correlation/causation there.
I'm really looking forward to going ice skating at Rockafeller Center in NYC this winter, and even on a frozen (very frozen!) lake in the winter if I can find one. As your body is working hard to stay warm, can that increase the number of calories you burn in a given time spent skating?
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