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Burn calories, but how many?

Posted by Larissa

Roller blading is a great activity for a few reasons: it gets you outside, it's fun and brings out the inner child in you, and it it's a great workout for your legs and gluteus maximus. But how many calories does it burn? Well I decided to find out for myself. I found this great website ( that calculates how many calories you burn per activity based upon the duration time and your weight. If I were to roller blade at a moderate pace for 20 minutes, I would burn approximately 120 calories. 120 calories does not seem like much, but sitting behind a computer all day and snaking adds up...
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Haha - just joking. I know you meant snacking. And I had to comment because ever since I've been on my diet, not snacking while I'm on the computer is one of the hardest things ever. They say that smokers have to change everything about their life to break the habit of smoking - I'm starting to think the same applies to any addiction you have. So far, I've managed to substitute my snacking at the computer with chewing gum but man. It's hard. What does this have to do with rollerblading? I'm going to say nothing. Fun sport though. Spent a lot of time on the ground.
Rollerblading was always an incredible workout for my legs and core-as both need to be in tip top shape to help you control your movements. I wonder though, if this exercise would help make your legs leaner or more muscular. It's been a while since I've went rollerblading, and I can't really remember the effects.
I think many would get a little definition AND leaner legs because you are doing cardio with "strength."
Nice thread!  I rollerbladed my way to thicker, firmer thigh muscles, and less lower back pain (!) less effect on calves, perhaps because it was lateral motion that provides thrust. I flew over a curb and stopped for a while, but until I heal, I must try other activities and keep a close watch on <a href="">how many calories burned</a> based on secs, age, activity, how strenuous... actually, it's easy to see <a href="">calories burned</a> and track progress. Friendly folks like yourselves add encouragement (or tease me) 'cuz it's a social thing, too. Keep up the burn!
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