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Life keeps us so busy that often we forget about making time for ourselves. Well, as a big girl in the big city with a demanding job and social responsibilities, I am taking it upon myself to create time for me. Finally, I'm going to regain the healthy interior and exterior that a 20-something... Full Bio
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This Diva is Moving On!

What a year! The running season ended (for most) in November, just in time for the cold. I got in my one race per month — and two in November!...

November race: a 10k!

S#!t son! Saturday I completed my first 10k.  Considering how I felt doing it (sluggish, tired, horrible) I am amazed that I...

Pick me up!

If you’re still sitting on your ass at the end of The Raptures’ Echoes, then you officially have no soul. Blame this infatuation on the Misfits...

While we are on the topic of sensuality

Fierce, can’t-pull-me-away, don’t-want-to-think-about-anything-else-but-you love is AMAZING. So while we are on the topic of sensuality, I would...

When I wake up

There are a few songs out there that make me miss making music oh-so-very-much! This is one. I haven’t stopped listening to it all week, and...

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Hey georgeous! Where in Chicago are you from? I am a Personal Trainer/Writer/Blogger from Chicago as well... I LOVE your profile pic. Hope we can get to know eachother! -Sara

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