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You can read all about me on my blog. Please leave a comment, if you visit and feel free to spread the link around to others you may feel will enjoy or benefit from it (or from just laughing at me)
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May 07 2012 by Sinner Ella
If you do stop by, please leave a comment on one of the entries and if you like what you read or know someone who might, please pass the link along to others. It's REAL FITNESS with REALL HONESTY from a REAL PERSON, not a trainer, not someone who's getting paid to write, just a mom, wife, and college student that thought 
May 07 2012 by Sinner Ella

You can read a TON about me (and my opinions) and my fight to stay sane and LOSE right here:

I'll be updating by 5/8/12 and I'm considering a different set up. Not so sure I like it this way. she had something to share. 

May 07 2012 by Sinner Ella

I'm hoping to make it to a fitness related blog conference eventually. 

Running in the Run For Your Lives Zobie Run in November, Might run the Prison Break Run in June, Wanna run the Color Run with family, and REALLY HOPE to train and work hard enough to make it to and through Tough Mudder in 2013.

Originally, my end of year goal (for fitness) was to run a half marathon, but knowing how much I hurt in my joints after just under the 13 miles, I'm not so sure. Maybe more training is needed.