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Salinas, California
Hello! I'm a 23 year old food and healthy living blogger, art history student, and high school basketball coach. Wheew, there isn't many more minutes left in the day. I love running, baking cupcakes, and reading classic novels. I have an irrational fear of making Asian food, please be my... Full Bio
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Nov 14 2010 by Simply Maren
Hey! I'm looking for favorite healthy recipes! Simplicity is a plus! Please share your favorite with me!
Jul 22 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
Made the 3-minute oatmeal cookies the other day.  They looked just like your photos!  And they were quite tasty.  Thanks for the recipe!
Jul 09 2010 by Cyclin' Missy
Thanks!  I can't wait to try the cookies!  I just need to pick up some oatmeal from the store.