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silent seizure addict

Manila, Philippines
Hi All.. I was browsing about silent seizure and I saw this page. Seems a very interesting community. I am also experiencing silent seizure... it's really hard..
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See Kim W.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Father passed away with secondary liver cancer.   We dedicate our blog to keep father's positive energy available for all in need of support.   Join our team where we will do the same:   sharing our cancer stories so you know you are not alone walking the difficult road paved with cancer.    


Friendswood, Texas
I created and manage Coping With Epilepsy, an online discussion forum for people affected by epilepsy.  My wife has epilepsy and it's been an interesting ride!  Please take a moment to read my blog post about epilepsy, neurofeedback and the AAN.

Ashley M.

Livonia, Michigan
Hi, I am Ashley. I am eighteen years old. I am attending college for child psycology.  Yeah I love music, and theater. Health wise I have epilepsy. I know many people thathave diabetes in my family. So health is important to me.