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My name is Tony Pearson, a counselor in a children's psychiatric hospital. Stuttering is one of the most mysterious ailments to strike humanity and it is one of the most frustrating. Millions of people are afflicted with this condition and struggle each day to navigate their lives while feeling... Full Bio
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You know what is annoying? Well, lots of things, but today I received a notification from my blog that somebody left a comment. I don't...

To Hide or Not To Hide (again)

This issue has come up again in my life because I visited a blog that I actually link to in my sidebar . I respect this blogger a lot,...

Hello. I Stutter - A New Blog :)

I discovered a new blogger , also a fellow stutterer, who found my blog and then commented on some of the things I said. I appreciate that...

Teaching Elementary Students

Since beginning this blog (2006), I have become a licensed K-8 teacher (no, this is not me in the photo) and have relocated to the...

18 Famous People Who Stutter

Mel Tillis I love it when famous people "come out" as stutterers. Our community has so few visible supporters, unlike so many...

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