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Myeloblastic anemia

Posted by Punawon

my dad is diagnosed 14mths ago with myeloblastic anemia. He is transfused every 2 weeks. He was told today to think about having his spleen removed as it may be taking too much of his red cells. As a result of the transfusions he also has very high iron and is now taking a medication which is dissolved in water and taken each morning. He has taken this for 3 weeks and his iron has not yet decresed, but he is told this may take time.

He was also told that nobody dies of untreated myeloblastic anemia, but that heart attack and or stroke will most likely do that job as a reslut.  He was also told that the world wide medical opinion on life expectancy is 18 months.   They tell him not to worry as he is still very healthy and active and is only tired and pale when he needs a transfusion.  he still plays sport 3 times a week and lives a healthy lifestyle.   I am worried tho and would like to have some opinions on all of this as Dad is not too forthcoming and thinks that the "spleen removal" sounds unnecessary?

 He is an 83 year old man in a 60 year old body, active, alert and deffinately not ready to kic the bucket as he says.

PS the doctors have told him not to worry about deciding about the spleen till next year.  I guess that is a good sign???? But I am worried 

Any info greatly appreciated


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