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Meditation May Reduce Pain

Posted May 25 2011 7:52pm

As reported in an article by Salynn Boyles for WebMD Health News, researchers found after four, 20-minute instructional sessions in mindfulness meditation, 18 young adults experienced big reductions in pain intensity and "unpleasantness of pain.”

The meditation technique taught is known as "focused attention." This involves paying close attention to breathing patterns while acknowledging and letting go of thoughts. 

As part of MY pain management, I have also used a technique of “mindfully letting go of thoughts” as a way to manage pain.

However, I believe that instead of letting go of thoughts of pain, I replace them with meditated thoughts on the Word of God.

As I let go of painful, hurtful, self-pity and anger filled thoughts, I meditate on the promises of God to help, heal and restore me.

God has made promises of health and peace, both physically and spiritually. If we meditate on His word (and) promises, we will receive the peace (he promised), the joy (that comes with knowing Him) and the help (when we suffer).

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