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Killer Viruses

Posted by kokopeli

Have you heard of this cure for viruses?

Boric Acid Powder kills the viruses that cause anemia.  

Take a very small pinch of Boric Acid powder once a day for six weeks.

( however much boric acid powder sticks to the very tip of your finger print )


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Hi kokopedi,i was looking all over the net about a virus in your blood,when my sister passed away after breast cancer the doc said it was from a virus in her blood,at that time she was on chemo treatment,went in to hospital to drain the fluid and passed away the same day..Is Boric Acid save!

Dear Marx,

I took Boric Acid once a day for only 6 weeks. I didn’t have any side effects.

I had 4 or 5 kinds of Epstein Barr viruses and Hepatitis C type 2. The Boris Acid killed all of the virus in my blood. And 2 years later my viral load is still 0 ZERO. That’s a remarkable sustained response. I’ve never heard of any pharmaceutical product that works better for killing viruses not even Chemo Therapy. I don’t need to take Boric Acid any more, unless I get a flu or something like that. Boric Acid kills a whole list of different viruses. I’ve been sending the idea around the world for other people to test on different viruses too.

Hopefully it will kill the AIDS virus too.

God Bless you, And Good Luck.

Carol Ann Rouse Gallegos

Boric Acid works. Boric Acid is cheap, easy and effective. Try just one small finger print of Boric Acid, (how ever much sticks to your finger tip) once a day. I took Boric Acid for 6 weeks, and I am still virus FREE 3 years later. Ask your Pharmacist about Boric Acid. Good Luck & God Bless

Hello Carol,

How are you doing? I wrote a lengthy reply to your posting on how you solved your multiple infections using Boric Acid. Its on the main page where you went into detail about your self treatment.


 See my responce and tell me what you think. Thanks,




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