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I have Myotonic dystrophy and am currently trying to have a baby without passing on the genetic condition to my future baby.  I am using a technique called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). I already have a baby who was conceived in this way. My father, grandfather and many... Full Bio
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Trying to crawl

Tabitha is now seven and a half months old and so much fun.  She is so smiley! Here is a picture of her lovely smile.  She often has her tongue...


 Shona and Dexter Swimming Dexter has started learning to swim.  When he turned three he started lessons where he goes in...

Found a new PGD blog

Just found a new PGD blog being written by a lady with Moebius Syndrome. Click here if you are interested in having a read.

MDSG fundraising

Two of my very good friends are running for the Myotonic dystrophy support group. Ben Stuart Ben Stuart has been my friend since I was 3...

Tabitha at 5 months old

Here is an update on Tabitha, which I wrote a few weeks ago but never got around to publishing... Tabitha - 5 months and 2...

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