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when I was in university,I have watched a chinese tv named "fendou"in chinese.In other words,it means fighting or put one's effort on career or...

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Contenance wrote on shixianli's Whiteboard. Jul 29 2010

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Jul 29 2010 by Contenance
How are you Shixianli? You are welcome to leave message with our team and I'm greatful to have you as part of our team. =) I hope you are doing well.
Dec 16 2008 by Contenance
Im flattered to have you post messages upon my team blogs. I have left a special message just  for you. Please come recieve the message.
Dec 03 2008 by Kristy V.

Hi Shixiali. It's nice to meet you too. I accidently declined your friendship request and now  I cannot find how to add you!? Terribly sorry; I would love to accept if you should ask me again :)

 I am absolutely inspired by the study of nutrition and the human body; how it works optimally with the proper nutrients and how other lifestyle factors influence our health. School seems to be taking forever!

Nice to meet you, and sorry again:)