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Kevin has been a Medical Producer for a television station in San Francisco. Journalism is in his blood and now he has passed it on to the internet.  Finally, he gets to cover the stories that are useful and sometimes ridiculous, and it's so much cheaper than therapy. He has been a... Full Bio
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The salt of the earth

In ancient times salt was highly valued. Some even consider it one of the essential founding elements of civilization. Salt enabled people...

Organize your life and your mind will follow

I was reading an article about the brain, it was all about how the brain  is not equipped to multi-task.  Then, I remembered a...

Are you paying attention? Coz I’m not

When was the last time you sat down at the computer and just focused on one project, one issue, for one hour, without being distracted or...

The Day I Read a Book

There’s a wonderful old song by Jimmy Durante about the pleasures of reading. It goes like this: Hey, I read a...

Out of the mouths

When Shirley was growing up her mum once told her “Christmas is just around the corner.” Being a kid Shirley immediately ran out of the...
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