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3 weeks in.

Well, we are now a whole 3 weeks in to our first (and hopefully, only!) round of IVF! The last time I wrote , it was the...

I WILL stay off pinterest and get this post written.

Wow, it's been a while!... I think I always start my posts with an apology for my absence so screw it, you're not getting one this time!...

The dumb resurgence of hope.

    It feels like such a long time since I last wrote on here and I have so much to tell you all... And yet I feel...

While the boy watches the football...

Hello my lovelies! Thought I'd just check in with you all to see how you are... I don't think I really have enough news to write a post just...

The beginning of our big journey.

Hello beautiful ladies and gents! I went a little off the radar again and...

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