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Jan 29 2009 by jiminy
Take care with colour treatments for hair that are not natural. They can lead to irritaions of the scalp and are generally bad for your health.
Oct 22 2008 by stillprovingit
i heard that saw palmetto is good for prostate cancer as well as selenium and vitamin d. any comments?
Sep 11 2008 by Joseph V.

Hey there! I just wanted to say "oops" because I accidentally flagged an article of yours: "Eat Rosemary for a Healthy Brain". I was thinking that "flagging" was like "bookmarking". But, now I think it may be like reporting something inappropriate. Which is not I meant to do.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the post - keep it up!


Apr 02 2008 by KaliTime C.
Thanks for the comment and the compliment. :)
Feb 27 2008 by Sandra F.

Hi Shez,

How are you doing? I'm enjoying my time here.  Wellsphere community is a treasure of knowledge. Looking forward to having a good time.

Take care.