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Friday’s Funnies, Facts, and other Frivolous Findings

Okay, before watching all the holiday TV shows and movies so you  can hang Christmas lights, did you know that the best predictor of weight...

When Restlessness Keeps You Up at Night

When the Little Monster (aka Parkinson’s disease) began making its debut into my life in undeniable ways, one of the symptoms was RLS, otherwise...

Why Participate in Research

The following infographic is courtesy of the Michael J Fox Foundation…     The post appeared first on .

Songs In the Night

It’s only natural to wonder why things happen the way they do. Some things can leave you in a state of confusion. Some things can leave you...

2014 Holiday Gifts/Ideas for People with Parkinson’s Disease

It’s that time of year again and so, here’s the 3rd annual list of great ideas for gifts for people with Parkinson’s disease and is suitable...

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Sep 23 2009 by jherzanek
I agree with "never ask for directions." Most of the time there is a sign pointing the right way, if most of us would just open our eyes.
Sep 09 2009 by Charlene Pryor
Hi's Pokie   Bnana had told me you were here I am in General Medicine as a Well Blogger...good to see you Pokie