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Crazy. Sincere. Full of joy. Loves to sing. Takes wrong turns. Never asks for directions. Never... Full Bio
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When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

“I confess that doctors are not always the best patients. While we self-diagnose and self-treat we still have the same fears as everyone...

We Are Not Home Yet

Today it is raining here in Oregon, the state where everyone thinks it rains all the time. But, you know what’s good about so much rain?...

Are You Happy?

So, according to this infographic on the science of happiness by Webpage FX ,  to be the happiest you can possibly be,  you need to (when...

It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over

Today. The first day in the month of May. Did anyone see what happened to April? It seems as if it went as fast as it came.  April is gone. We...

How Far Would You Go to Raise Awareness for Parkinson’s Disease? The Roden Story

You may have heard of them… Roy and Lynn Roden? PD CHALLENGE ? 4,700 miles across the U.S. of A. On a bike? It began November of 2012. The...

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Sep 23 2009 by jherzanek
I agree with "never ask for directions." Most of the time there is a sign pointing the right way, if most of us would just open our eyes.
Sep 09 2009 by Charlene Pryor
Hi's Pokie   Bnana had told me you were here I am in General Medicine as a Well Blogger...good to see you Pokie