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Chillicothe, Ohio
Bipolar disorder 1 tries to run my life, but I won't let that happen. In addition, I am a domestic... Full Bio
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If it concerns you, you may want to be evaluated my a mental health professional. more
Sep 14 2013 6:44pm
I like to do math and word puzzles. There are also numerous apps with brain exercises as... more
Sep 14 2013 6:34pm
Feb 04 2013 4:39pm
Can you see another doctor and get another opinion? Have you spoken with your doctor... more
Feb 11 2013 3:42pm
There are numerous websites that can help you with drug interactions. I've found that... more
Feb 04 2013 12:02pm
I have a 22 year old daughter with borderline personality disorder, and I understand how... more
Feb 04 2013 12:00pm
Before my manic episodes were managed, I was an impulsive shopper as well. A good... more
Feb 04 2013 11:56am
Excellent response, Diane. I also look up interactions on This is what it... more
Dec 26 2012 7:10pm
I would never advocate going off medication, but I use as an adjunct alternative... more
Feb 29 2012 3:43pm
Feb 29 2012 3:20pm
Treatment-resistant depression is awful. I had it for a very long time. Some people just... more
Feb 29 2012 3:40pm
Here's a link to information about that: more
Feb 29 2012 3:38pm