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I am 53 years old and live in australia i have 2 children and 3 grandchildren  
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Jun 10 2011 by Fighting4Life

Does the sunshine help you feel better? Since the weather has got brighter here I have stopped my medications, I don't want to be sedated anymore! I think possibly once winter comes back around I might need them again.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Jun 10 2011 by Fighting4Life

Hi, how are you today?

I live in the UK so can't help you find a herbal health shop.

Have you tried doing an online search for herbal health shops in your area? If you request the herb you are after maybe a local herbal shop will get it in for you? Worth a shot?

Thanks for your prayers and I pray that things get better for you too.



May 28 2011 by tremedicure
Welcome with applause, Cheers!