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Sharon K. Brothers, MSW Healthy Living Professional

Oregon City, Oregon
After spending the past 20 years as an owner and operator of assisted living communities, I have... Full Bio
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Jan 12 2011 by sandy
howdo i apply to take a course for a caregive cerft/online i did to do this asap
Feb 19 2009 by Sharon K. Brothers, MSW

Struggling with caregiving as a family member?  Read my blog or see links here to the left.

Looking for a meaningful job in today's tight job market?  Consider a job in the healthcare field by taking the first step.  Get your Caregiver's Certification course fully online.  This course is appropriate for individuals looking for a hiring advantage as well as families looking for training in caring for a loved one.  See the full outline at

Sep 09 2008 by billberry

I simply cannot believe this.  Today I wrote not one, but two emails to you about my video editing company since I stumbled upon your website today and found that you are right here in my neighborhood.   Then tonight, while doing a little "in depth" research, I discover that you are the lady who walked by the tennis court all summer.  I am the guy who gave you the card - who finally got to shake your hand a couple of weeks ago!!!

Now that school is in session, we can no longer play on the WLHS courts and have taken our game back inside as we do every fall.   I sure have missed watching for you.

This is the wackiest thing.   Can you imagine my surprise scanning your blog and finding the blurb about me giving you that card?!?  Oh my goodness.

Well, Sharon Brothers, now I know who you are and where you work, and now you know who I am and where I work (check your email today if you haven't already).   I think we were destined to talk.   Do you like coffee?